Why Keyword Research is Important for Your Site

How important is keyword research? If you will look at how sites get into the top ranking position, well that is not the whole story. What you need to understand is to get into the top search result page while maintaining the keywords that are sought after by your target market.

How does it work?

It is important to know how many people search for a particular keyword phrase both for worldwide and for local searches. If you are targeting to reach the prospects living outside your proximity, it would work best if you will be using the worldwide searches as your basis of choosing a candidate keyword phrase. Based on our experience working with contractors that operate within their areas, we make sure that the proximity of the area is included in the keyword research phase.


Now, not all keyword phrases are the same. You will also have to weigh the different sites that rank with certain keyword phrases. If the sites on the first and second page are older and they also have a great amount of existing backlinks for the specific keyword phrase, it would be advisable that you skip it.

If you are going to have a site that is raking in money, the first order of business is to be found and in order to be found by your target market, you will need a well done keyword research. SEO by Demand offers keyword research in order to keep the sites from struggling with older sites and with competition, eating dust by the bottom of search engine page results.

SEO by Demand, for $10 is willing to cover for your keyword research with top five keyword phrases according to how you want it! You could contact us if you will opt for additional keywords.


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