About SEO By Demand

I started writing SEO articles for different clients in 2008. I was in College when I wondered how the World Wide Web provides extra income for a guy who loves to write. After two years of writing for individual clients, I was hired as a web copy writer by a Filipino internet company. There, I learned to explore the other types of SEO copies including press release and web contents.

Today, not only do I write different copies ranging from web contents, press releases and articles, I am also adept in conducting keyword research for different niches.

The reason I put up SEO by Demand is to enable companies to dominate search engine results and rankings. With the help of eloquent web copy writers, SEO by Demand lessens your cost when it comes to advertisement. Unlike paid ads in Google and other search engines that could be hefty to your company’s expenses, SEO by Demand makes sure you get a cost effective solution for a better business opportunity.

Signing up with SEO companies could sometimes cost you at least $1,000 for everything in order to land in the top 10 to top 20 of your given keywords. With SEO By Demand, we lessen the cost for doing your SEO work half way. You pay a fraction of a thousand bucks for already half the work. We are still in progress of finding link builders and web developers who would put up backlinks and make the necessary entries to your site; thus we offer you our services. We handle the SEO process from Keyword Research, Web Content Creation, Press Release Writing and Off Page Article Writing.

Once you availed our services, we will still guide you on how to find linkbuilders and web developers in other sites such as Craiglist, Odesk and other third party sites.


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